2017/2018 Indoor Season

Looking for weekly court time in the Fall and Winter? Rye Racquet Club's Seasonal Court facilities are offered for 30 weeks from September to April. This is a great option for a weekly game with friends or family.

As a Seasonal Court member, you also have the option of having one of our qualified professional staff help you learn the game. If you would like to do this or if you are currently working with a pro please fill out the form below.

​For questions, contact Gail Willis at gail@ryeracquet.com

SUNDAY                                           FEE

MONDAY - FRIDAY                        FEE

DAY OF THE WEEK                     MAIN BUILDING / BUBBLE            

Please fill out the form below to apply or renew your seasonal court for 2017-2018.

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SATURDAY                                       FEE

COURT PRICES FOR SEPT. 14, 2017 - APR 23, 2018

7AM - 8AM                                           $1995  

8AM - 1PM                                           $2995  

1PM - 5PM                                           $2545

5PM - 8PM                                           $1995
8PM - 12AM                                        PARTY RENTAL $1000 / BUBBLE CLOSED

7AM - 8AM                                           $1000                                

8AM - 9AM                                           $1895                             

9AM - 1PM                                           $2595

1PM - 4PM                                           $2295
4PM - 7PM                                           JUNIOR PROGRAM
7PM - 10PM                                         $2995

7AM - 8AM                                           $1995  

8AM - 1PM                                           $2995 

1PM - 3PM                                           $2545  

3PM - 5PM                                           JUNIOR MATCH
5PM - 6PM                                           $1845  /  JUNIOR OPEN PLAY IN BUBBLE